Children's Therapeutic Services and Supports (CTSS)

CTSS offers a variety of services for children under the age of 21 who require varying therapeutic and rehabilitative levels of intervention. Psychiatric rehabilitation services for children combine psychotherapy to address internal psychological, emotional and intellectual processing deficits with skills training to restore personal and social functioning to the proper developmental level. Our trained practitioners and therapists work with the child and their support team in-home, in-school, and in-center

Children's Therapeutic Services

Children's Therapeutic Services and Supports: School Services

Our in-school services help children be successful in school by combining sessions that are in-class to provide natural environment learning and implementing of skills that are learned in one-on-one sessions. Our practitioners also work with school staff to collaborate on child’s behaviors, areas of concern, and observed progress to support child as a team. Practitioners assist teachers and staff in relating to and supporting needs of children with mental health diagnoses. Practitioners will also work with staff in implementing visuals and material relevant to helping child succeed with skills in school (wait signs, calming visuals, etc.)

Children's Therapeutic Services and Supports: Groups

Our in-center social-emotional groups take place after school and during the summer. Children learn critical skills to enable them to be successful in many areas including, interpersonal skills, facilitating friendships, conflict management, active listening, mood management, effective communication, social problem solving, peer negotiation, and recognizing/understanding others’ point of view. Our groups combine teaching time with structured and unstructured social time to have children practice the skills being learned.

Children's Therapeutic Services

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